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Brendan Dockery

Hi I'm Brendan.

Together myself and Gemma started Canine understanding in spring 2015 and i could'nt be prouder!  Since opening the business Gemma has opened my eye's into dog behaviour and how these behaviours actually come around!

I love nothing more than being a dad and step dad and having the family enviroment! I am Gemma's ancor and try my best to drag her in sometimes! I'm engaged to a workaholic and my words of wisdom rarely get listened too! Hence the numerous dog's we have coming in and out of our home! Despite all this i see her passion and get her drive so i encourage her to follow her heart! After all that's how we have the incredible business we have now and it has become a massive part of my life now too.

Gemma Duxbury

Hello i am Gemma, i am boss! Brendan will admit this too ha! I am the driving force behind where i want to get my business and brendan is my ancor. I am a balanced approach dog behaviourist. My whole aim in my life is to reduce the number of dogs that are euthanised within the uk due to what some people believe to be aggression, when 9/10 it is actually fear based.

The most important part of me is i am a mum to 3 fantastic boy's. These are the reason i fight so hard for everything! They are always watching and i know this. The boy's have my passion for dog's too, this is so amazing! Ok the eldest might come home and shake his head at another dog being in the house but he loves it really! haha!

I'm a self confessed workaholic and will work as much as i can! This is a side i have tempted to tame a lot over the last year and it's failed so much so i have recently set up a project to feed the dog's living on the streets of the UK with their owners, using a percentage of the profits from this website. There is no better feeling than giving back, it's like a drug!

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